We celebrated 6 years in October and just closed our best year ever – by a wide margin. At 6 we are more than halfway to the 10 years many industry veterans advised us would be necessary to gain a seat at the proverbial insulation table. To be fair, the first few years of our efforts left us wondering if we were crazy. The last two, however, have been none other than a resounding yes for all things Havelock and all that we envisaged for this endeavor prior to start.

We remain tiny, but we also feel sustainable. As such, we are proud to announce a few long awaited initiatives taking place in 2020.

We will undertake an LCA / EPD with Sustainable Minds. While different, LCAs and EPDs both provide transparency around the full environmental impact of a product. We are more than comfortable with our process and its extreme light impact however, we have been following the development of EPDs and their employ in the decision making process amidst the built environment. Though perhaps early, it’s clear that this information is now easy to understand, score and specify. It also sounds as if the architectural community is ready to raise their game in material selection so we decided we’d better raise ours as well.

Vapor in the wall cavity is a very real challenge given evolved building practices. As such, every mold remediation company we speak to has little concern for new business generation. It’s well understood that wool manages moisture and suppresses mold. We intend to test our products in these areas and share a third-party review of how best to make Havelock Wool work for you.

And finally, we have been nosing around in the realm of adding a few products to our offering. Details are in the works and we will be shared as soon as they are relevant. In short, the goal is to address industry feedback while we continue to take advantage of the inherent advantages in the construct of a coarse wool fiber.

On each front, there will be updates and quite a bit more detail as we share our findings along the continued quest to transparency and simply helping folks make informed (insulation) decisions.

Please let us know how we are doing.


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  • I have used your product in my van, but have yet to test it. I, also, many contacts in the construction industry in the Ocala/Central Florida area and am interested in new product development. Please keep me posted. Also, do you have an exchange traded stock affillation?

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