You’ve probably never installed home batt insulation and frankly probably hope life will stay that way. To make matters worse, just google “installing batt insulation” and you’ll be inundated with images of hazmat suits, gas masks and massive construction sites.

We’re changing the game. With Havelock Wool, it’s different and it’s easy. And some say it’s ‘borderline fun.’

To show why our product is so easy to work with we created a basic video of our very own Chief Sales Dude, Josh, installing a Havelock Wool batt in our shop. In <3 minutes he walks through setup, tools needed and how to place our wool in a wall cavity.

Havelock Wool is all-natural thus no need for any protective equipment to install our products. ‘Traditional’ insulation requires exposure to materials and chemicals that can be quite harmful. We encourage you to be hands on with your (Havelock) insulation! A little planning will allow you to realize a few gains in installation methods and don’t forget installing Havelock Wool Batts is not only simple but fun.

We hope you enjoy our video and as always welcome any feedback or questions.

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