We started Havelock Wool because we saw an opportunity to effect positive change by re-introducing an incredibly dynamic fiber into the built environment. It has been a long and rewarding journey. We are learning every day from our community how we can get better – not just in telling our story but in meeting the needs of people who want to build in a healthy and sustainable way.

To that end, here is a short video articulating the mission, philosophy, and process behind Havelock Wool. We hope it gives a clear understanding of why we’ve chosen wool as one way to effect positive change in the world… and also shows just how cool our manufacturing process is!

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4 comments on “The Havelock Wool Story – in a 3 minute video!

  • Purchased two bales of Havelock for my van build. Thrilled with the outcome! Pink fiberglass would be a disaster in a van build with the itching, skin irritation and particles getting breathed into my lungs! After shipping, Havlock Wool is about twice the cost of Pink. But for a small space like a van, the difference in cost is totally manageable. When considering how easy the wool works, and how effective it insulates, it’s worth ten-times the cost! Thank you for a great DIY product.

  • Thanks for sending the video. I actually used your product to insulate my small van build based on youtube video recommendations. It made a lot of difference to me that I use a insulation product that was safe and sustainable, and met my needs for insulating. Thanks for what you do!

  • Great clip! You do a really good job explaining why wool is such good material for insulating. – all while the many steps involved with making that great product are going on in the back ground. Very effective! I’ve sent many folks your way – I sure hope they make it to you for their insulation needs.

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