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We attempt to write this week with no tone. This is simply an effort to raise awareness around a recurring theme and ideally solicit some help.

It has become abundantly clear the built environment is antiquated and behind the times. The easiest path, with no resistance, and no room for change is the one often followed. This needs to change and it is.

Our phone rings off the hook with inquiries about how to build different and better. This puts us in a consultative role that far exceeds that of the traditional insulation manufacturer and one that has pushed us to expand our knowledge base.

As we appeal directly to end-users the conversation seems to be one few trade members (architects, builders, and installers) are equipped to handle. A persistent client’s will to do better deserves more attention.

Just a few questions/comments we hear frequently:

  • I am worried about foam.
  • What are the repercussions of air tightness?
  • Should I have a vapor barrier?
  • How do I consider the challenges for mold growth in this changing environment?
  • Do rapidly changing code requirements contemplate indoor air quality?
  • Is anyone thinking about the effects of these changes?
  • What is the carbon footprint of all this material use?

As an insulation manufacturer, we know our bounds.  As people who really like to help we are not comfortable turning callers into the ether of the internet.

So what’s the answer?  It’s the Better Building Club (BBC).

We’re setting out to help answer the questions of those who want to know more. And we note there are indeed architects, design builders, builders and installers that are trying their absolute best to build smarter and better.

What’s next? We are starting the Better Building Club which in its first edition will be nothing more than a list of trade-based resources in a given city or metropolitan area around the US / N. America. Some of you may well be on our roster of ‘hopefuls’ for the initial launch.

What’s the goal? Identify those folks who are truly striving to make a difference in their given profession and have the wherewithal to add real value in changing the game. Make those people easy to find so questions are answered and better structures are created.

We appreciate the internet is a great place to get lost. It’s also a great place to (falsely) advertise services that can be hugely misleading when in fact the firm really doesn’t understand ‘green building’. The BBC will charge no fees, it will simply list references for a tradesperson that can be contacted for real answers to questions concerning how to affect positive change in the built environment.

If you or an acquaintance of yours would like to participate please do reach out.


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