We are happy to share testimonials and quite proud of the feedback we are able to earn from our products. Wool and its high-integrity characteristics are the baseline for these accolades though, admittedly, first time users can find frustration in working with a new material. We are working hard to increase a stable of consultative installers along with enhanced video tutorials to simplify the process. As we do so, we will also occasionally share commentary from real-life experiences.

Rick of RealmBuild in Austin, TX was recently asked to use our products by his homeowner / client. Like most builders he was happy to oblige his client and work with us to deliver the desired result. On the back of the experience we asked Rick to provide commentary on his experience. We note Rick has no vested interest in his feedback being positive or negative; we simply asked for the facts. Subject to zero editing please read below for his response, and thanks for being a part of what we do:

Our clients discovered Havelock Wool online. They are trying to do as green and healthy a restoration as possible. As builders we like to stick with what has worked in the past so we were reluctant but willing to look into wool. I do have apprehensions about fiberglass from the standpoint of the safety of the installers and everyone else in the building during construction and ongoing air quality for the sake of the inhabitants. Spray foam works well if done correctly but it is a toxic mix until it cures and may continue to pollute depending on the conditions at installation. We all were very surprised how easy it was to deal with Havelock. They sent us a bale of loose wool along with the prescribed pounds per cubic foot. Per their instructions, we rigged up an electric leaf blower to pick up the wool and blow it into the wall cavities. We stapled a mesh on the walls to hold the wool. Because it’s an old house we couldn’t use batts easily as the studs were not on 16 or 24 inch centers. The test went well so we took it on in house. The crew moved through it in less time than we expected and they enjoyed the work. We all got a kick out of our first wool insulation project and are looking forward to more!

Other notes:

We used dust masks.

Each bag was the same as the next.

The consistency made the work easy. No itching reported.

Very easy coordinating with Josh on ordering and getting questions answered.

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  • Thank you for posting this. We are going to be building soon and I’m sure whichever contractor we use, it will be their first time using wool insulation.

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