Despite compelling evidence, science and everyday events there are some folks that remain unconvinced concerning climate change. We are not here to try and change minds; rather just keep a promise to help you make informed decisions.

Below are some simple points to be mindful of, whether you are an architect, builder, consultant, developer or homeowner.

  • There are 2.4bn S/F in the built environment. That figure will double over the next 40 years. (This is adding another New York City every month for 40 years)
  • Building materials, construction and operations are responsible for some 40% of carbon emissions.
  • Insulation is a critical component in upfront carbon: what it takes to make it; and building efficiency: how does the structure perform over-time.
  • There are two conventionally applied choices for insulation that are a carbon sink: cellulose and wool.


Material selection matters. This is paramount for those who make these decisions every day but also for anyone building anything. It all adds up.

If you are not using or specifying either of these materials on every job please ask yourself…. WHY?

Thanks for being vigilant, asking questions of your builder, architect or client and for making reasonable decisions.

Keep well,

Founder | Havelock Wool

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One comment on “40% of Carbon Emissions Originate in the Built Environment

  • How do i use the wool insulation in the floor of my van build out. I would prefer to keep my floor thickness low to give more head room

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