We recently concluded a road trip to check in on some Havelock customers to hear how their residential insulation projects are going. It’s always good to listen to the stories behind people’s decisions to build in a healthy and sustainable way. And when we get positive feedback on their Havelock experience, it gets us even more excited about our mission.

You’ll get some unique perspectives from these interviews but please pardon the amateur filming!

Our first stop was to see Christine just East of San Francisco. She is a repeat customer having first used Havelock Wool on her home renovation. She is now using it for her new family room, or Dojo as she calls it. For Christine, the decision to use wool was initially about keeping toxins out of her house (and away from her kids!) but the performance of the insulation has been way beyond her expectations. We loved hearing how Havelock Wool kept her house cool during the recent CA heatwave.

From there we visited our friend Shadi, a developer just north of San Francisco. He first discovered Havelock on a spec project. Clearly, his experience was great because he ended up using it on his own home. He has some great insight into the hesitation that architects and builders may have around alternative residential insulation like wool.

And finally, we met up with Michael in Mill Valley for happy hour. Micheal confessed to not having thought at all about insulation for his home remodel. But our powers of persuasion worked and the install is underway. It was great to hear how as he learned about healthy building materials, the decision to use wool insulation was very easy.

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We’ll aim to do more roadtrips like this and share our experiences with you. Indeed connecting with these friends reminds us that we are not a company with a mission but rather a mission with a company.

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