On the back of a few recent events, we wanted to share two proud moments here at Havelock Wool.

Both involve families with young kids doing significant remodels of their homes. Each wanted to improve their home’s health and efficiency in a sustainable way.

They called us.

Initially the questions were basic… How does Havelock Wool insulation compare to other products? What are the benefits? Where does your wool come from? How do you turn it into insulation?
Answering these questions is really fun. Our wool is all natural, straight from New Zealand and manufactured here in the US. Wool R-values are better and it manages moisture and absorbs harmful chemicals unlike any other insulation products. (A lot more detail is HERE)

Happy with the answers we then migrated into the specifics for each family.

  • Sound deadening is really important to us. How does wool do? Really well, we’ll send our noise reduction coefficient test data for your review
  • The fiberglass insulation we removed was molded. Will your insulation resist mold? Absolutely. Wool is a keratin and does not support mold growth.
  • Can you ship right to our job site? Yes.
  • My builder has never worked with wool before. Can you help them? Definitely.

And from here we moved right into the insulation installation. The end result was an improved environment for the parents and kids – a healthy home with cleaner indoor air, better moisture management and less noise – all done with an all natural, high performance insulation material.

More and more family members like this are calling us every day.

It makes sense because the movement to healthier living is only increasing. Just as awareness around proper eating changed buying behaviors, we are seeing the same evolution in building materials. We are lucky and grateful to be part of it, especially when we can help make healthy homes for families.

We like to say we are not a company with a mission but rather a mission with a company. One definition of that mission is to insulate every space occupied by kids: homes, schools, etc with all natural insulation.

Fortunately, we seem to be getting better at each which makes for proud moments like these two recent installs.

We can help with your healthy home build too. Often all it takes is a phone call!


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