Below is an excerpt from a recent piece from our friends @greensciencepolicyinstitute.  They are on a mission to rid the world of halogenated bromide chemicals and any/all associated ‘substitutes’.  Their recent post is one more folks should know about.

Gymnasts’ High Exposure

During the Olympics, millions marveled at the skill and daring of gymnasts like Simone Biles. We know that gymnasts expose themselves to physical dangers, but surprisingly they are also highly exposed to harmful flame retardants when they practice. High levels of flame retardants have been measured in the air, dust, and foam in U.S. gyms-and also in the bodies of gymnasts. A recent study found that the flame retardants used in gyms’ pit cubes are also in gymnasts after they practiced. Study author Dr. Courtney Carignan said, “Training in a foam pit is essentially like swimming in flame retardants.” Exposure to these chemicals has been associated with reproductive, neurological, and hormonal impairments, as well as with cancer.  The question is, “Are flame retardants needed, given the potential for health harm?” 

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The proliferation of foam insulation means more and more of these chemicals are entering our live/work spaces; adversely affecting all of us.  There are other options.

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