We’ve acquiesced and are putting our big toe into the social fray. Who knew insulation could be such an interesting concept. On its own it simply is not. When one contemplates the continually bad and uninformed decisions we make as consumers, however, the topic adds a bit of intrigue. More to follow here, though, in short, what is readily available takes the consistency of man-made crap, while what nature offers after 1000s of years of evolution is overlooked at best and dismissed by most. We are introducing the concept of ‘Farm to Walls’ based on a reversion to the ‘natural’ mean. More simply, while McDonalds shrinks, Wholefoods expands. The driver of such change, ostensibly, is the notion that consumers are beginning to stop, think and perhaps even use their brains. Beyond behavior, and (food) consumption is our live/work spaces. We need more natural fibers in our life and there are few, if any, that are of a higher integrity than wool. This is our focus and where the education and awareness efforts shall persist. Join us @ havelockwool.com.

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