Awfully proud to be the wool provider for this special building

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7 Green Insulation Types for New and Existing Buildings

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Smart Wall Enclosure Selected By Green Builder’s Editors as ‘Hot 50 Product’

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Havelock Wool Featured: How to Build an Eco-Friendly Campervan

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A Smart, Natural Wool Insulation for Healthy Buildings

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Havelock Wool Featured in Builder

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Wool Insulation Product Creates a ‘Smart Wall’

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The ‘Smart Wall’ Offers Sustainable, Healthy Building Envelope

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Thinking Beyond The Building

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Global Logistics Planning Guide: SUPPLY CHAIN AND DEMAND

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Sheep’s Wool Insulation: A Natural, Non-Toxic, High-Performance Building Material

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Wool Insulation Creates Smarter Spaces

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Prefab Home Expands Like Children’s Blocks

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7 Steps for a Healthier Home

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This “Smart Wall” Can Create Healthier Spaces

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Southeast Green Podcast

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IDEAL Window Installation

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Wool Insulation is Kid Friendly

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Sheep’s Wool Insulation is Sustainable

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How-To: Insulating Your Van

Van Insulation Connect With The Havelock Flock  Insulation in a van is a bit more complicated than insulation in a house. For one, a van moves,… Read More

CNBC – We Are In A Small Business Hot Spot

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Sheep’s Wool Insulation in Uber-Eco Camper

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A dumb home needs a Smart Wall

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Sheep’s Wool: RV Insulation Of The Future?

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Smart Walls start with a Smart Insulation System

  Archigram’s A Walking City, 1964: boundless energy & engineering anyone? For thousands of years buildings were made with a keen regard for nature and… Read More

Sheep’s wool insulation provides pollutant remediation

Translated from Increasing requirements for “low – emission buildings” (various building certificates with defined room air quality, especially with regard to VOCs and formaldehyde )… Read More

Building Technology Uses Wool for Better Health

FORGET WALLS THAT TALK; BRING ON WALLS THAT BREATHE SAN FRANCISCO (April 11, 2017) — People are smart, and people breathe, but most of us… Read More

Kirkland Camper Finds Eco-Friendly Solution

A Kirkland camper manufacturer has signed an agreement with Havelock Wool to insulate all of its eco-friendly trailers with sheep’s wool instead of foam board.… Read More

New Wall System Developed Using Organic Wool Insulation

      Originally published by the following source: Balcony Media Group(link is external) — February 28, 2017Unless otherwise noted, the content below has not been altered by SBC… Read More

Nature’s Choice For Home Insulation

NEVADA COMPANY OFFERS ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL HOUSING INSULATION—NEW ZEALAND SHEEP WOOL Kaleb M. Roedel is a Reno-based writer At first glance, the photo is unsettling:… Read More

Insulating Homes With Sheep Wool


Healthier and Smarter Decisions in Homebuilding

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Efficient Wall Systems Are Getting Cooler

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Weak Laws And Weaker Governance Keep Toxic Chemicals

We recently wrote about the broad public support for a petition to ban a class of toxic organohalogen flame retardants from consumer products. “Wait a minute,” you… Read More

Farm to Walls

Join us on a quest to introduce the concept of Farm to Walls.  We are clearly believers that #naturedoesitbetter, thus we are entirely dedicated to… Read More

How Synthetic Materials Fuel A Home Fire Faster

Tina Ware woke up early that morning to the sound of her smoke alarm. She had no idea how fast the fire would grow. Sparked… Read More

Havelock Wool On Twitter

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Havelock On the Passive House California Panel

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Spray Foam vs Wool Insulation

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Havelock Wool Enters the Realm of Tiny Homes

We are proud to have our product in the maiden project of Chris Pearson, who is constructing his first ‘Tiny Home,’ “as green as possible… Read More

Wool goes back to the Middle Ages

As we ring in Lunar New Year and the Year of the Sheep it is appropriately coincidental to have recently visited Chipping Campden where in… Read More

Havelock Wool featured on Capital Public Radio

Capital Public Radio stops by the Havelock Wool warehouse in Sparks, NV to chat with Co-Founder Andrew Legge about the growth and potential of New… Read More


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Havelock Wool On KTVN’s Channel 2 News

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Why Wool Is Always Better Than Synthetics

In the early 1980s there were around 70 million sheep in New Zealand and 3.1 million people Read More… Read More

New Avenue loves Wool more than the Rest…

“We Love Wool Insulation more than the rest…Spray Foam, Fiberglass, Cotton.” Read More… Read More

How Nature does it Better with Wool

SPARKS, NV – Wool is considered a high-integrity fiber. It is widely used for insulation in countries like Australia and Britain, but here in the… Read More

Our Hard Work Leads To Quality Products

We’d like to thank NNBW for recognizing our efforts to bring quality products for home building. “Havelock not wooly on target markets” Read More… Read More

Big Thanks To The Green Remodel Forum

“New Eco Friendly Products for Green Homes” Read More… Read More

British Wool Firm Outfits Astronauts

SPACE CRAFT: Armadillo Merino, a British firm that specializes in performance merino wool clothing, has become an official outfitter to NASA astronauts Read more… Read More

Sheep rescue on the ski slopes!

A snowballing sheep will become the stuff of legend for semi-professional skier Pete Oswald. Read more… Read More

Prince Charles sets Synthetic Fabrics on Fire to Prove a Point

  Prince Charles — connoisseur of textiles, sheep enthusiast, and casual scientist — has planned an exciting experiment in his garden in London. Read more… Read More

Allergic to Wool

Perhaps this is the second most common question I hear, right behind, “Do they spit?” Typically, alpaca owners will rave about how much softer alpaca… Read More

Sustainability and performance in textiles: can you have it all?

Materials like wool have surprising resilience and utility and don’t endanger health or the environment like newer compounds Read more… Read More

Edinburgh Castle Cuts Heating Bill By Using Wool

This amazing tourist attraction has been insulated using wool and bosses say the scheme has been so successful that fuel bills have plummeted from £400,000… Read More

MPs Plan to Stuff Parliament With Wool

For years voters have thought the Commons is stuffed with sheep who blindly follow everyone else. Now MPs have decided to stuff the roof space… Read More

Wool Beats Fire

Wool has a much higher resistance to fire than most synthetic fabrics common to many modern home decoration features (curtains, carpets, blankets, etc). See what… Read More