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    Havelock Wool Fiberglass Cellulose Cotton Mineral Wool Foam
Air Filtration
Absorbs formaldehyde, Nox and S02
Does not emit harmful chemicals


Manages moisture with no adverse impact to R-Value
Does not support the growth of mold

Sound Absorption

Minimum 90% NRC


Naturally self-extinguishing
Retains R-value


No protective clothing
"Borderline" fun to work with


havelock wool

Retail Pricing (Residential)

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Batt Insulation

16″ O/C – $135 per bag – 12 bags per pallet*
R Value Thickness Widths S/F per Bag Retail Price per S/F
7 2″ 16″ O/C 100 $1.35
13 3.5″ 16″ O/C, 24″ O/C 90, 120 $1.50
20 5.5″ 16″ O/C, 24″ O/C 60, 80 $2.25

*24″ O/C – $180 per bag – 18 bags per pallet

Loose-Fill Insulation

$135 per bag – 21 bags per pallet
R Value Thickness S/F per Bag Retail Price per S/F
15 3.5″ 77 $1.75
24 5.5″ 48 $2.81
31 7.25″ 38 $3.55

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