There is an argument that the ultimate in sustainability is to ‘use what you have’. This certainly applies to the homes we live in. Home restoration as opposed to replacement preserves the traditional aesthetic and when done properly it can improve a home’s performance and environmental impact.

Olivia T.M. Brock and Ben Buckley-Green of Charleston SC are two experts in historic home restoration that truly believe in this concept. As Olivia succinctly says “Let’s reuse, not remove”.

Our recent conversation with them is perhaps our most educational and entertaining podcast to date.

The lively, if not rowdy, conversation spanned a number of important topics:

  • How they become preservationists
  • The balance between home performance and home preservation (maintaining traditional aesthetic)
  • Their experience with using Havelock Wool in a high humidity city
  • How an 18th century restored home is like a pair of Stilettos!

Indeed, Olivia and Ben are testaments to the benefits of doing things the right way, for the right reasons. And while we may be disconnected from this notion in the age of design and construction obsolescence, history has a way of repeating itself! Here’s to it. Please take a second to listen to a few pros in the space. You’ll be glad you did.


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