In this week’s podcast, we check in with Christine, a homeowner, mother of two and a repeat purchaser of Havelock Wool. Her compelling perspective reinforces our mission here at Havelock.

Take a listen and learn about:

    • How her fiberglass experience caused her to seek out alternative insulation
    • The noticeable differences in wool insulation performance
    • Her wool installation experience
    • How wool insulation aligns with her personal values

We conclude by addressing a common refrain and one included in Christine’s interview “I wish I had known about wool insulation earlier”.

Awareness is a key goal for us because the building industry has generally relied on homeowner ignorance when it comes to materials selection. They tell you what should go in your house, leaving out details like toxic chemical composition, carbon footprint and installation hazards. Speed and cost drive the decision, not health and performance.

Luckily the work to promote awareness around healthy building is starting to bear fruit. We are having more conversations and getting more questions about the options available to homeowners every day.

When it comes to insulation, we would obviously prefer that folks insulate with Havelock but we are satisfied in just creating the conversation. Fortunately, those conversations are increasing thanks to folks like Christine.

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