Are sustainable building practices becoming more common?

This week’s podcast is an in-depth conversation with our friend Mike Horgan of Horgan Design Build. Mike is a licensed design-builder as well as a certified Passive House Consultant. And like us, Mike is committed to reshaping the building industry in a more sustainable way.

The theme of the conversation is our shared approach to building properly.

Put simply, building materials matter for the health of your home, your family and the environment. As we’ve written before, the options are increasing for homeowners. The challenge remains awareness for both the consumer and the building industry.

Our conversation dives into how to close that education gap and we believe it starts with the homeowner. Every day we meet people who care about what is going into their home build or renovation and this means more people asking their architects and builders about what is available. As Mike succinctly puts it,

“The consumers are asking for healthy homes. Everything feels different inside a home that’s been built the right way.”

We couldn’t agree more!

And make sure to take a listen to Mike’s personal story. It is particularly compelling because he began his career in the mainstream residential construction industry but transitioned into sustainable building as his awareness and sense of responsibility increased. He discusses two influential books that helped him with this transition which should be on all our summer reading lists. (You have to listen to find out!)

Take a listen to hear more about our shared vision.


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