We are proud members of the Embodied Carbon Network (ECN) and try to be as active as possible on the renewable materials task force.

The ECN is committed to designing embodied and operational carbon out of our new and renovated buildings to achieve a carbon-neutral built environment by 2050. The use of renewable materials is a big part of that.

Last week we participated in their webinar on using renewable materials in the built environment.

Specifically, we discussed how Havelock Wool dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of a building when compared to mainstream insulation products. There was a host of other interesting information on cutting edge building projects including straw bale construction and mass timber.

You can view the slides and listen to the recording HERE.

After more than 5 years of educating ourselves and those around us, wool insulation is finally being given a fair shake. It’s been a long journey but that makes us even more appreciative of the consideration given to our favorite fiber.

You have heard our testimonials for wool and in many instances, encouraged us to be patient while the market learns of its advantages. For sure, there is still a lot of ground to cover, but we are taking a pause to appreciate where we are today. The phone rings all day and we hear the term no-brainer cast at us more than we use it as a descriptor of nature’s finest fiber…..finally!

A bit of patience and dedication to the most dynamic fiber on the planet may just prove compelling for a large, underserved industry after all.

We thank you for your support to date and encourage you to help keep the momentum growing for the best insulation option available.

Thanks for reading and keep well,

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