Greta Thunberg’s Ted Talk simply says it all: We have the data and the science!

Every so often someone finds a way to cut through the froth and get straight to the point.

It just may be that much more enjoyable when a 16-year-old can take 11 minutes to succinctly call it like it is and in so doing make (entire) career politicians look not only silly but arguably like the real enemy.

This is fairly mainstream news so you may well have seen the video.  If not, take a few minutes to listen.

Key points from the talk:

We don’t need more science and data, we already know the planet is rapidly approaching irreversible harm.  What is needed is action.  Plain and simple.

Ask yourself how you will feel knowing that we had the data and maybe the resources to fix the problem and you did nothing about it.  Or, change your priorities and your buying patterns because consumer demand is what makes today’s world go round.

Why are we writing about this as a manufacturer of wool insulation?

  • Intuitively, our manufacturing process has the lowest net embodied energy in the industry by multiples.
  • The wool trade is responsible for sequestering some 525,000 tons of atmosphere derived carbon every year.
  • We are going to build 2.4 trillion square feet of occupied space in the next 40 years: MATERIAL SELECTION MATTERS.
  • Insulation can make a difference:



Please watch the video and get in the game.

Thanks for taking a listen and supporting our efforts at Havelock.

Andrew, Founder / Havelock Wool

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