Memo to Architects: we need you to save our world, AND YOU CAN DO IT!

If you’re an architect, you should know all about Ed Mazria and his think tank Architecture 2030.


Ed has created high-level awareness around the tremendously harmful impacts our built environment has on the planet.  He has also provided solutions to these problems. His 2030 Materials Palette is the platform that provides all of us with options for moving towards a net-zero carbon, renewable and sustainable building environment.

Our built environment is one of the biggest contributors to global warming.  That means anyone in a position to specify what materials we use to build can massively affect positive change or continue to destroy the planet.  Full stop.

It really and truly is that simple folks.  The time has come to move away from cheap, low integrity materials.  They are killing us and our environment.  From our perspective it is just plain unacceptable to proliferate the use of building materials known to be bad for our health and that of the planet.

We’re just an upstart offering a solution to one part of the puzzle so by all means don’t take our word for it.  You can easily hear it from Ed, the leading voice on the matter, here.

Key points you should know even if you don’t take the time to watch the whole video:

  • Architecture has evolved since the beginning of time. It is now time to grow beyond recently developed bad habits ie weak, cheap, short-lasting materials
  • We need a paradigm shift…..again
  • By 2060 world population will increase by 2.6bn people
  • Today’s built environment is 223bn m2 (that is 2.4 TRILLION square feet). By 2060 it will double.
  • In the next 40 years we will build another planet on top of the one we are currently destroying!
  • The effects of a warming planet are real and identifiable
  • 75% of human produced green house gasses (GHGs) are produced in cities; and, for example, 71% of New York City’s emissions are from buildings
  • The time to fix the problem is RIGHT NOW.

 We are not climate experts, but we do know a thing or two about insulation.  Every day we wake up and make a product that adds to the solutions list for these problems that are now beyond epic proportion.

Sheep’s wool is renewable and sustainable, sequesters carbon, is a better insulator, manages moisture, improves air quality and can be COMPOSTED at the end of an extended useful life.

This communique is about making better decisions – with or without wool.  We’ll keep doing our part and really hope you will too!


Founder / Havelock Wool

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