We were recently heavily affected by a video produced by the Velux Group. Talk about leading from way ahead of the pack! From a personal perspective the mark left is indelible; so much so that a link to the video now sits at the bottom of my email signature. Of course, another shall follow below the remarks herein.

Whilst the video should certainly do the talking for this post there is a concept we stumbled upon while contemplating the power of the #indoorgeneration methodology. ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ is a well understood concept and also applies here: build with garbage, get a structure that wont last and will likely grow sick along with the inhabitants. But what about garbage in that stays in?

Disguised as a quest for efficiency, modern-day manufactured products seek cheaper means of production, so they can last just long enough for the consumer to be happy to dispose and repurchase. It is called design obsolescence and it is pervasive – from mobile phones to tennis shoes and t-shirts. Ask a simple question, what kind of materials can be made and sold so cheaply. Simple: ones that make you sick.

If we just made you a naysayer, stop here and watch the video. Think about your personal environment and the strong possibility that much of what surrounds you was not designed with your health in mind. Does it have a necessary place in your life?

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