Michael Lewis has made a career out of learning, first hand, the inadequacies of the finance trade and subsequently spent decades narrating, exquisitely, on the continued shortcomings of an industry that cares about absolutely nothing that falls in its wake. Finance finds new, innovative and increasingly complex ways to fail.
Monsanto has (literally) fed us complete crap for more than a century.

DuPont and BASF kill us every day.

OwensCorning perpetuates a continual race to a new bottom in the face of what feels like a McDonaldsesque plight.

In recent times, we’ve only fueled the fire. Are we learning, finally? At what stage does common sense revert us to the mean?

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The Changing Tides – Insulation Industry and Beyond

Just last eve inspiration entered the equation. Yes, it was a bias audience, but how refreshing it was to revere those that came before us in the fight to build properly, not because it might sell, but because there was a true belief in the how, and why it makes sense to do so.

insulation industry

Those same individuals and companies are purportedly taking matters a further step forward.

‘We’re green’ marketing is total bullshit if you don’t know how to behave accordingly. We saw this in food when ‘USDA organic’ became more a prohibitive cost of compliance and less a belief that it is not only the right way to grow, but the only way.

Are we getting ready to see this in the built environment? Is common sense approaching the pervasive realm? It remains to be seen, definitively; but when the old heads stop turning up at industry events and just get on with what they know to be right one might argue that positive change is in the air.

We’re still trying to earn a seat at the table, but the size of our audience is clearly on the rise.

Here’s to you lot questioning so called norms. Keep it up and McDonalds will continue to shrink, WholeFoods/365/AmazonFresh will continue to grow and the built environment will follow suit.

For more information on how wool is changing the insulation industry, click here.

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