We often get happy customers more than excited to tell us how much they love our wool insulation. What follows is a letter written by a happy couple living the #vanlife.  Be ready, sheep-puns abound.

The Happy Customers

Hey guys,

I think ewe know full wool that we’re excited for our partnersheep with Havelock. We’re really looking forward to our sheepment of insulation to arrive, hopefully on the exact same day that we take ownersheep of our brand new Sprinter van!

I’m just going to go out on a lamb and say that wool is the most ewesful, ewenique, and ewetilitarian insulation for a van, baa none. We think it wool work for vans of all sheeps and sizes. And we’re not just saying that to flatter ewe guys. We used wool insulation on our first Sprinter Van conversion (before we even knew ewe exsited). I’m sure your workmansheep is top notch, but what we really appreciate about Havelock is that ewe guys have also really raised the baa on customer service. Do ewe read me?

Now, it’s all wool and good being nice guys to your customers, but let’s talk insulation. I kid ewe not, some people are still ewesing spray foam to insulate their vans. Between ewe and me, I don’t even think it’s worthwool to consider. I mean, all’s wool that ends wool, but have ewe seen those photos of the warped side panels from improper application!? Ewe know, accidents wool happen, and I hope all goes wool, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s not really worth the risk when it’s so easy to make ewes of the loose fill wool insulation to stuff all those nooks and crannies. I’d be pretty bent out of sheep if I messed up my new van that early on in my conversion. Sometimes people say it’s because of cost, but they spend way more money on other parts of their vans, so why would they be sheep skates when it comes to insulation!? Also, we know that spray foam is an efficient insulator, and that’s all wool and good, but what about the indoor air quality? What’s the ewes in getting out into the wilderness to get some fresh air if ewe are going to bring all those VOCs with ewe? If ewe know what I mean…

wool insulation

Believe ewe me, the #vanlifers wool flock to Havelock once they understand all of its amazing attributes. Every once in a wool we come across another #vanlifer that has used natural wool insulation in their conversion, and they always gush about how much better it is than the other options on the market. And don’t get me started on Reflectix, I don’t know how that myth started, but it seems like somebody’s trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Did ewe know that stuff needs at least an inch of air gap to be effective!? Oh yeah, I read that on your website. Ewe guys must be wool-versed in this insulation stuff. But ewe know full wool there’s some confusion in the van community about it. Wool believe ewe me, the point is wool taken over here.

Wool spread the word about wool insulation, but we’re not one to bang our heads against the wool trying to get people to listen to us. I mean, I wool stop at nothing to make sustainable choices, but I’m not one to ram something down people’s throats. There’s no ewes. Time wool tell, but someday we hope there may be ewenilateral agreement on all the amazing properties of wool insulation. We also hope that all the #vanlifers wool be ewenited in their commitment to the environment, but until then wool keep singing your praises to whoever wool listen and putting all that natural insulation to good ewes in our van. We don’t mind being the black sheep of the community. We’re also firm believers that love wool find a way and whatever wool be wool be, ewe know?

Anyways, wool be starting our conversion soon. Don’t worry if ewe don’t hear from us for a wool. We’re alive and wool, just really busy turning our van into our personal little ewetopia.

We’re so thankful for everything and can’t wait to try out the insulation.

Catch ewe later!

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