We recently sat down with our good friend and partner Ian Horgan from Wayfarer Vans. Ian’s company is one of the preeminent van upfitters as well as an early adopter of Havelock Wool insulation. What ensued was a lively and interesting conversation about vanlife and healthy, high performance van builds.

Take a listen below. 

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5 comments on “Talking Van Insulation with Wayfarer Vans

  • I recently bought Havelock wool to insulate my van that I am converting. It is really compressed from the way it was packaged to ship and I wanted to know if I need to try to “fluff it up” before installation. Also I have a Ford Transit van and I am trying to figure out how to get the insulation batts to stay up on the walls before installing the wall paneling. There are no ribs to hold it in some of the larger areas like where side windows would be if I had them. I did use string to lace the roof insulation in place like I saw on some videos. Any thoughts?

    • Hey Danny – Thanks for reaching out. The wool will regain it’s loft pretty quickly. Give it an extra 24 hours out of the bag just to be safe. In order to hold the wool in place, string or tucking under some furring strips will work well. While we don’t recommend it because of the toxic chemicals, some folks use spray adhesive to get the wool to stick. Keep us posted!

  • Industrial Double sided Tape will work. It will not hold for weeks but if you panel the sides or ceiling in a couple of days you will be good. Spray glue is good as well because toxic will evaporate quickly and then it’s just stuck
    Just my 2 cents

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