Lets take a practice that may sound a bit farfetched and help the layman (myself very much included) understand why we all need to make the concept less the exception and more the norm. Biophilic design, simply, calls for more nature in our daily lives. The attached photo is undoubtedly of more use than the babble herein!

So, why is it important? Say you are given a choice to shop at your local gourmet market where GMO foods are not permitted and artisanal brands made with care and (hopefully not more than five) natural ingredients line the shelves; or your more traditional (read mega store developed over the last ~30 years). The former sells food, the latter sells something that resembles food which undoubtedly contains loads of foreign substances applied directly and indirectly. Easy choice, right?

Now think of your home. Do you want what your architect, developer or GC, who, with all due respect, has gotten used to building in those same ~30 years using ‘traditional’ materials, or does it make sense to stop and think for a second? Building materials have become very much liked processed food. They are not good for us but they are made quickly and cheaply, and because we’ve ‘gotten used to them’ they’re an accepted practice.

If you wont eat garbage why do you want to surround your living and work space with it? Said another way, our mission is to reintroduce common sense amongst consumers. Join us.

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